the 7 things i like about this video

4 07 2008


1. The diverse extras in the non sexy poses, it was all so Dove commercial/Disney “express yourself” shorts, that I forgot ALL ABOUT HER VANITY FAIR PHOTO SCANDAL! Which was the idea, I’m sure.

2. The seductive shoulder blade stroke at 0:20. Because she’s not allowed to be topless, she had to do SOMETHING, I mean come on. That seductive shoulder blade stroke, I swear it’s going to be the new Joe-Jonas-hitting-himself-in-the-face-with-his-hand-curled-up-like-a-phone. Because, DAMN!

3. The wardrobe throughout this entire video is SO up to the minute with the dark skinny jeans and the striped tank tops and the layered dresses, that I’m really hoping that I can look back at the video in I Love the New Millennium part trois (because Miley won’t make it into the first two), and laugh hysterically at the outfits. But don’t worry Miley, today I love your sparkly dress.

4. That it always takes random extras in music videos trying to lipsync and looking horrible to make you appreciate how TALENTED at lipsyncing Miley really is! I mean, I BELIEVE THAT SHE IS SINGING! RIGHT THERE! WITHOUT A MIC!

5. What the CRAP is that girl in the blue shirt and floral skirt doing? (Someone had to say it).

6. Girl at 2:10 in the pink shirt holding a balled up something (plush toy?), I AM IMPRESSED WITH YOUR CRYING! Seriously. I hope you got paid more than the girl with the stupid hair who deletes the text message. I DID NOT BELIEVE SHE DELETED THAT TEXT! FAKER!

7. Miley Cyrus, you make me love you. It’s way too true. I love this song. I love this music video. I love the way you flip your hair around all the time. I know you have more haters than Chris Crocker, but I’ll defend you to the death Mylerz. Freakin’ AWESOME.




One response

6 10 2008

Love the song, just don’t quite get why all the girls in the video (including Miley) are like 10. How much heartbreak could they possibly have suffered yet?

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