i have a problem

14 06 2008

I so clicked.So I’m on facebook as usual, and I see <this< advertisement. And, naturally I read it, because I saw the words “The OC” and they jump out to me. So I finish it and I don’t understand it at all (“captain cody called”? “school boy is thirsty”? “dilly of a party”?), and then I read the little message underneath, and it says “P.S. If you got this, take the “Addiction Quiz”. 

Hmmmm. Interesting. What could this mean. I then decide that the entire letter is full of television show references, and that if a person “got” all of it, then they clearly had an addiction to television and should take the quiz. 

Hey! What do you know? I’m addicted to television shows! So I clicked.


It’s a quiz about drug use. Therefore an ACTUAL addiction. Oh, and now, the letter makes sense. 

I am an IDIOT.



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