let your heart kindle my heart

24 06 2008

I watched this movie earlier today. And I cried.



23 06 2008

My failure to watch Camp Rock is embarrassing me.

paper towns and lolcats

16 06 2008

John Green talks about Paper Towns (his new book) on Amazon.

There are very few things in life I love more than John Green.

One of them is John Green on sites that are not youtube with people inevitably thinking he is insane.

The other is lolcat versions of books. I saw someone’s signature in a forum a couple of days ago that had a picture of Robert Pattinson (who will be playing Edward Cullen in the upcoming Twilight movie) with an overlay of text that read “IM N UR BOOKZ, DENYING U SEKZ.”

I. almost. died. laughing.


oxy and youtube!

16 06 2008


I made this with the new iMovie. It turned out okay.

i have a problem

14 06 2008

I so clicked.So I’m on facebook as usual, and I see <this< advertisement. And, naturally I read it, because I saw the words “The OC” and they jump out to me. So I finish it and I don’t understand it at all (“captain cody called”? “school boy is thirsty”? “dilly of a party”?), and then I read the little message underneath, and it says “P.S. If you got this, take the “Addiction Quiz”. 

Hmmmm. Interesting. What could this mean. I then decide that the entire letter is full of television show references, and that if a person “got” all of it, then they clearly had an addiction to television and should take the quiz. 

Hey! What do you know? I’m addicted to television shows! So I clicked.


It’s a quiz about drug use. Therefore an ACTUAL addiction. Oh, and now, the letter makes sense. 

I am an IDIOT.

hello, my name is… aristotle?

14 06 2008

So tonight I went to Mai Tais and I didn’t meet him, but apparently there was some guy introducing himself as “Aristotle (like the philosopher)”.


Now he totally could have been lying… but if he was, 1. pick up line?  2. what kind of girls would he be trying to attract? Me? I seriously doubt it. 

So I think his name really was Aristotle. That is so badass I can’t even take it.

the silver chair

13 06 2008

book club update:

11. Prince Caspian

12. The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader”

13. Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson


I’m now on book 14: The Silver Chair, so I’m still trekking along in Narnia, but I probably should read my stuff for Denver soon.



Yesterday I went to my Grandma’s apartment and she taught me how to knit! I knit a tiny swatch that really isn’t anything, but I’m going to buy some yarn and then go back next Wednesday and I’m going to start on a scarf!



I am now the owner of a MacBook Pro and an iPod Touch! This may slow the book club progress slightly. This iPod (and the MacBook too for that matter) is pretty flash, but shit I deserve it for suffering major gadget lust for like 3 years. 


Also, I think I’m officially no longer sick. Yes.